Westjet Airlines Suck!

So here is the total break down of why i’m annoyed as hell today.


I go to this even every year called ” Kinetik.”  It is a 3 – 5 day long industrial music festival which use to happen every year in Montreal.  This year it got moved to Toronto so they had a better venue… then it was cancelled due to “Unknown” issues.  That is a little annoying, I have waiting 2 years to go back ( Last year I was pregnant ).. and this year it gets cancelled permanently.  BAH.  Sad but not really pissy off worthy.. no what is, is the stupid policy of westjet airlines.  I am a mother of an infant.. I don’t plan on going anywhere plane wise for a long time.. yet according to westjet because I’m actually a good planner and like to have this planned out in advance instead of leaving everything until the last minute… I’m screwed.  They not only want to charge me 80$ for cancelling.. but they won’t give me the remaining sum back on to my credit card.. no.. they want to put my remaining money into westjet credit instead..

so not only am i out 80$.. I am out the other 600$ because I don’t have the time to go on any vacations.  This was my one trip that I have been planning all year for.. and that’s it.. I’m not going anywhere else, I’m staying home and being a mother and I’m getting charged 600$ for that?… What the shit is that about?.  West Jet is freaking stupid.  The flight isn’t for another 1 1/2 months.. I’m cancelling way in advance.. and they want me to just surrender 700$ to them?

You think they would help me out here, instead of treating me like some stupid idiot.

Westjet is robbing me because an event I love so much is permanently cancelled…. WTF.