Where is the Weed Tea?

So I had this passing thought, and I wanted to ask the world out there if i’m crazy or i’m a genius. I could be both, i would accept being called both.  First off I would like to say that I do not do any drugs, I don’t judge those that do partake in certain drugs, but i do expect everyone who does to do it responsibly and within reason and limits.  That being said, here is the thought… where is the weed tea?  I hear the argument all the time that marijuana is not a drug it’s a herb, and all that other crap to try and convince people it should be legal, and for certain reasons i agree.. but i’ll come back to that.  If weed is a herb, than it should be able to be turned into tea like all those other medicinal herbs.  I’ve heard of people smoking it, and eating it… but i have never heard anyone mention drinking it.  Does anyone actually use one of those loose leaf tea balls and make pot tea?  I’d think that it would be doable if it as herbal as people tell me it is.  No i’m not interested in Mary Jane tea, I happen to dislike the taste and smell of pot and don’t suggest to anyone to try it.  It was just a random thought that occurred to me, has this been tried and it just failed?  or has no one ever thought to have some tea with there happy brownies?

Adding to this thought, because it was mentioned above.  I do believe that pot should be legalized, for many reasons.  Top reason is once it’s legalized we will stop using up resources to put pot smokers and dealers into jail, and use the resources to put the more harmful criminals and drug dealers into those same jail cells that are now empty.  Second reason, if it’s legal we can tax it, if we can tax it we have more money going towards helping our cities pay for the things we really need, like more school buses and properly maintained roads.  I’m not saying that we should make all drugs legal, but weed is one of the safest ( in most cases) drugs out there, it’s on the same scale as caffeine or ginseng.  We let anyone who wants to stay awake, or just enjoy the taste to but an energy drink like red bull or monster at our local convenience stores.. but if they want to mellow out or just enjoy the taste of pot we make them go to parks or alleys where it’s more likely for something unsafe and terrible to happen.  We will never be able to stop people from smoking pot, but what we can do is make it legal, charge a price and a tax, and put an age restriction on it.  No that one stop every single person who isn’t a certain age from smoking pot, kids have a way of getting their hands on things if they are determined enough, but at least we can make that small difference of putting a deterrent on it.  Those are just my two cents.  I could be wrong, i could just be talking out my %@$, but there you have it folks.

Pot tea and legalization.