bad morning

Yukity Yuk Yuk

So I have a morning ritual, it goes something like this…

1.  Get up and Get the baby out of the crib

2.  Change Baby

3.  Play with baby until 9am

4.  Make Breakfast

5.  Feed Baby

Instead last week my morning went like this…

1.  Get up and get the baby out of the crib

2.  Change Baby

3.   Play with baby until 9am

4.  Make breakfast

5.  Discover Baby had gotten into the diaper pale.

6.  Spend the next hour cleaning up poop from everywhere including all over the baby.

It was awful.  In the 10 minutes it takes me to make breakfast in the morning, she managed to get into her diaper pale and pull out a poopy diaper.  Then she proceeded to what I can only guess is play with it and eat it.  She had poop on her face :S.  It was one of the grossest things I have ever had happen after becoming a mom, and I pray to god that it doesn’t happen again… I really don’t want the smell of poop taking over my house again.. or to ever see my little girl covered and poop while smiling up at me.. yuck.

Now for all of those who ask, isn’t that bad for your baby?.. Here is the answer I can come up with, possible.  My little one ended up getting sick shortly after doing this, could be coincidence, could be because she ate the poop.. all I know is that she caught some sort of mean stomach bug that caused her to have sleeping and eating problems as well as caused vomiting.  It wasn’t terrible vomiting, but it was vomiting non the less so I googled about babies eating poop because nothing else in her diet or daily activities had changed and we didn’t interact with anyone that was sick.  I got mixed answers on the net about if poop was bad for her to eat.. some mothers said it was gross but fine for them to do it, and others talked about rushing the child to the doctor because it’s really really bad for them.  My over all conclusion is it’s possible for them to get sick from it, but not all babies do.  My daughter ate poop from a diaper that sat in a diaper pale with old dirty diapers that had been sitting there for 1 to 2 weeks.. where as a bunch of babies that have eaten poop have just managed to yank their diaper off and tada eaten what they found inside.  So perhaps my daughter got sick because of bacteria that was growing due to the other diapers.. or maybe it wasn’t even the poop at all, again I can’t say for certain.  So if your baby eats poop just monitor them, I took my little one to the doctor and all they said was keep her hydrated and watch for a fever.. so if your child does eat poop and get sick, just up the fluids in their diet and watch out for a fever, other than that there is nothing you can do.

That is mommy advice for the day.

Talk to you later 🙂