The Squishy Turtle

There are many different parts to anyone’s life and I am no different.  I am a collection of things that include : A Mother, a girlfriend,a submissive,  a student, a photographer, a gamer, a blogger, a book lover,  a princess, a cook, a fitness junkie, a music addict, and a geek.  I’ve never been sure how to describe myself in a short paragraph with all of these different parts of me, so I’ve decided to write a paragraph for each.  I promise it’s not going to be as much written as you’re thinking right now.

The Mother

I am the proud mother of a little girl.  Though she wasn’t a planned pregnancy, I have never loved another person as much as i love my little girl.  She is constantly growing, and learning, and i get to watch it all happen.  When my day has been utter shit, all I have to do is see her smile and the worries and problems of the day melt away.  Even when she is being fussy and terrible (like kids can be sometimes)  it’s all made worth it to see her happy and living life as if it is nothing but sunshine and rainbows.  I promise not to blog about her too much, but i can guarantee she will be written about, and have her pictures posted throughout this adventure.

The Girlfriend

I have never really been the best girlfriend.  I’m broken, I’m insane and sometimes completely insufferable.  Some how though, I have a boyfriend who is not only crazy in love with me, but also our sweet little girl.  I spend every day trying to show Him how much He means to me, and how happy I am that He is in my life, sometimes I fail at doing so.. but it happens.

The submissive

I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for over a decade now.  I have had my fair share of experiences, both good and bad, and I have spent a lot of time figuring out what it is that I enjoy and what I won’t even consider.  I’ll try not to post too much on the D/s parts of my life, as I know not everyone is into those sorts of things, but it is a big part of who I am and the life that I live… so there will be some posts pertaining to this specific topic.

The Student

I am currently in school to upgrade my English, as well as learn about the world of photography.  I’m upgrading my English so that I may continue and get my Librarian Tech degree in the up coming years.  It sucks that I have to go back to high school at my age, but i find it is worth the troubles to pursue my dream job, which is to work in a library.  I also took the opportunity to learn about photography, because i have always been interested in how a camera works, and all the different ways to capture a moment.  It helped that the photography course was free for me to sign up for, because I was already going back to upgrade my English 12.  There will most likely be a lot of posts pertaining to photography and things like it.  Not only because I’m in school for it, but because I absolutely love messing around with photos in Photoshop.

The Photographer

As it stated above, I’m currently in a photography class.  I will be posting most of my photographs on a separate blog, but there will be ones that are posted on both.  I believe that a lot of beauty can be found in a single photograph, just as I believe it can be found in a single painting or any other form of art.  Art is a very important thing, and I’ve noticed that it is slowly becoming a less and less sought out part of the world.  With everything that is going on in this technological world, we should be finding new and exciting ways to portray creativity, not losing it and becoming one giant mass.

The Gamer

I’m not your typical gamer.  I don’t play many mass multiplayer online games, or a ton of those shooter games.  I prefer strategic games, and most of them are single player that you can play without an internet connection.  That being said, I am also very involved with the world “Secondlife”.  It is an extraordinary game, that allows you to show off your creative side, by creating your own little part of the game.  I’m a clothing designer as well as a photographer within this little world.  I am also addicted to many cell phone games, i’m not sure why they draw me in so much, but i can’t seem to resist them even when they cost me all my data.  Last but not least, I am addicted to playing pokemon.  I indeed have to catch them all.  I like to think that a game like pokemon is good for all ages to get into, it’s not overly difficult, there are a lot of side quests and fun to be had, and it is always evolving with every new release that comes out so you can never get bored of it.  Just my opinion though :P.

The Blogger

I have started and stopped so many blogs that I’ve lost count.  This one is going to be a little different.  Not just because i’m combining all my interests, or at least most of them, but also because I’ve actually invested in this one.  There are other blogs that I currently have, but they tend to get slightly neglected these days, but with an infant in the house with me all day, it’s hard to keep them updated daily.  I hope that you all enjoy the blogs I have to offer you, and maybe even find them helpful on occasion.

The Book Reader

Book reading gets it’s own part of me because i do it so very often.  I wish I had as much time for it as I did before I had my daughter, but i’m not doing pretty badly considering how busy my life has gotten.  I use to read an average of 5 full novels per week, sometimes more depending on the size of the novels.  Now I’m averaging about 1 every week/2 weeks, like I said.. not like I use to, but I’m still doing pretty good, and I have a library that grows on a regular basis.  I own a kobo mini, as well as have an ereader on my phone, but I don’t think anything will ever feel as good as a paper back in your hand as you are curled up in soft pajamas, reading in a warm house.

The Princess

This is the point in my explanations where I talk about all the girly and shiny things of my life.  I love crazy fashions that would make on lookers deem me a crazy teen mom, and I love all those fancy cool design things such as nail are and glitter tattoos.  Most of my princessy posts will be my nail art when I have the time to design my nails and take pictures of them, but I’m sure there will be other posts of girly fabulous things such as new rainbow socks, or a frilly dress that I’m dying to buy.  Every girl has an inner princess, it all depends on how much each of us lets her out.

The Cook

I love to experiment in the kitchen.  As much as I love the break when we go out to eat, I love being in the kitchen just as much.  Most of the time I am cooking from recipes that I found in books or online, but ocassionally I do my own cooking and see what happens.  When i’m doing my own, that is when I’ll be posting recipes.  This will most likely include baby food that I make.  I’ve taken it upon myself to make baby food from scratch, instead of feeding my daughter the unknown concoctions that come in the jars.

The Fitness Junkie

I’m not as crazy with fitness as some of the people out there, but I am pretty into being in shape and eating healthy.  I’ve tried many different ways to diet, and many different ways to excersise.  I have my pattern down now for the most part, and I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of that with you throughout this adventure.  Posting meal plans, different exercises… places that i found that have great classes or drop-ins.  This includes the different groups that I’ve joined and participate in through the website ” Meet-up”.

The Music Addict

This is the second biggest part of who I am.  I would not beable to live without music in my life.  Though I don’t posess the talent to create it myself, I am always listening to those that do.  I listen to every genre of music from classical, to pop, to industrial.  There is good music and bad music in every genre in the world, and it should always be taken on bad/singer at a time, never grouped together because of one bad experience.  If we did that, we would of all stopped listening to pop music after Justin Beiber.  Music is the greatest way to express Yourself, whether You are composing or simple sharing a song you feel spoke to you about how you feel.  There will be days when i post a full playlist of youtube songs that I have been listening to for one reason or another, and other days I’ll post a single song, just to share something i believe to be extraordinary, with you.

The Geek

I am a geek, and proud of it.  I love the silly things in life, like “my little pony”, “Dr. Who,” ” Keep Calm and…”, ” Invader Zim”.. ect.  I love it all, and I collect bits and pieces of it when I can.  My boyfriend is also a big geek, so that works in my favor, instead of shunning me or poking fun whenever my geek comes out to play, He’s already out being geekier than me.  I think it’s important to have that part of yourself.  It doesn’t have to be a geeky part, just a part that can embrace your inner child and allow you to enjoy the silly things in life.  The world is a whole lot better when you can stop and smiley at the silly things that make you seem ridiculous, because it bring sup your spirits and beats away the stress or sadness that may be ruining your day.

All of Me

The most important part of me, is all of me.  I would not be me if I didn’t have any of the parts of me that I listed above, and some that i didn’t mention because they are smaller and can’t be described until you see them for yourself.  I am a great person to know, and one of the best friends a person can have, and that is because I am exactly who I am.  Now for those of you who are still wondering about the whole turtle thing…  I once owned a turtle that would do nothing but sit on a heat rock all day, never getting too hot, just enjoying the heat.  The more hot it got, the happier he was, and i’m the same way.  I absolutely love warmth, and i haven’t been faced with many things that are too warm for me.. water and fire being some of the few things that are.  I am a happy little warm turtle most of the time, but i am also a very cuddly and affectionate person, i don’t hide in a hard shell ever.. so i’m also squishy.  Put it together, and I am a squishy turtle 🙂

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