Motherhood was definitely a shocker to me.  Most people plan there children, some even right down to the day they want them born (not that that always works), me.. I didn’t even know I was able to.  When I  was younger I didn’t have a lot of luck with pregnancies, even though I totally agree when people say that nobody should have a child at the age of 16, I also believe in making your own choice and mine was never to go through having an abortion.  It’s a personal choice that I don’t push on anyone else, I just know that it would kill me if i ever went through with one myself.  Anyway, I found myself pregnant at 16 and that ended with me miscarrying after 3 months, following that I ended up miscarrying 2 more times, equally 3 full miscarriages.  After this third one I went to seek medical help, to find out exactly what was wrong with me.. if anything was.  Turns out that I didn’t have enough room to grow a fetus to full term, equaling that I would never have kids., at least that is what the doctors at the specific hospital told me.  So here I am, many years later and comfortable with the idea of never having my own kids.  It wasn’t the end of the world, if i ever wanted one there are single dads in the world, foster kids, orphans.. plenty of other routes to take should I get to the point of desiring a child… but at that point in time, I didn’t really desire one.  I was enjoying life, I was living with a “no care” mentality.  I think that is why the world laughed at me and said ” Just a sec..”, because I found out that I was pregnant in September 2012,  I found out that it was a precious baby girl in December 2012, and I found out she had my bright blue eyes in May 2013.  It’s crazy how the world works sometimes, but I couldn’t be happier that it worked out how it did.  She is my pride and joy, and she has managed to not only make me grow up more than i thought was even possible, but she has also taught me so much about the world and myself.  Children are good in that way, they an show and teach you things without even knowing what they are doing, and that just makes you even more grateful that they are in your life.

Now that I am on this adventure of raising a daughter, I have so much more to share with the world.  I’ve not only been learning how to proper nurture and explore with a child, but I have also been trying to keep things done at home.. such as food and daycare.  So I’m a stay at home mom for the most part (working part time) and all of Her meals from when she started solid foods, to now.. has all been made at home, in the comforts of my own kitchen instead of some factory.  That is why when looking back through my blog, You will see recipes for baby foods and such.. those are the ones that I have found work really well for the smaller kids just starting out with solid foods, as well as other “with kids” posts. 🙂



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